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In these passages, God speaks to Moses instructing Moses regarding the presentation of sacrifices at the tent of meeting. Various offerings or sacrifices were required to atone for sins and to make peace with God. Of particular interest to me, this morning was the grain offerings. The grain offerings were not to have any leaven in them. The grain offerings were also to be seasoned with salt.

Throughout the Bible, leaven is compared to corruption or distortion of God’s Word. Jesus told His disciples, “Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees.” The Pharisees represented religion which has distorted the pure Word of God throughout the ages. Religion still has that effect. Those who are not firmly anchored in the Bible are subject to faulty and distorted teachings found in religion.

Salt on the other hand is a good thing. While leaven represents the distortion of God’s word, salt represents the Truth in God’s Word. The Bible says that as believers our conversation with others should be seasoned with salt. At appropriate times we are to share God’s Truths with others in small amounts. We are not to overdo it. Just as heaping salt on food is not good, too much of God’s Word will not be well received by those who are unfamiliar with the Bible.

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