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In this daily Bible reading is the account of Bezalel constructing the implements of worship for the Tabernacle: The Ark of the Covenant, the Table, the Lampstand, the Altar of Incense, and the Altar of Burnt Offering. Then he made the court and Tabernacle. God had given Bezalel the skills to do all of these things.

It is interesting to me that Bezalel was from the tribe of Judah. Jesus was born into the tribe of Judah. It is also interesting that all the implements of worship foreshadowed Jesus Christ. The Bible says that Jesus is ‘The Word.’ The Ark of the Covenant contained the 10 Commandments which is the Word of God. The Bible also says that Jesus is the ‘Light of the World.’ The Lampstand provided light for the Most Holy place in the Tabernacle. The Table was to hold the bread. The Bible says that Jesus is the ‘Bread of Life.’ The Altar of Burnt offering foreshadowed Jesus being sacrificed for the sins of mankind.

Israel would worship God through implements that foreshadowed Jesus Christ. Today we worship God through Jesus Christ Himself. Jesus is our High Priest who represents us to God. He intercedes for us that we may not perish for our sins. However, this is conditional on our believing in Jesus. When we believe in Jesus, He will intercede for us.

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