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Just One Verse A Day

Harding “Brent” Hedgpeth was very likely once like you.

Raised Presbyterian and eventually marrying into a Catholic family, he did not embrace the Bible – not to the point of accepting it as God’s Word in Truth – until 1987, when he was 40 years old and he had his own “Road to Damascus” moment. A professional test pilot, he had no formal theological training, and still does not consider himself to be “religious” to this day.

Brent is not a scholar and is not a prophet. He is merely a Believer and Follower of Jesus Christ, with a personal determination to share what he has learned after judiciously studying God’s Word for over 30 years. He firmly believes that we cannot know how to live our lives without the Bible, as it is our only reliable source of Truth. In his book, The Hope of Salvation, he articulates the Biblical argument that refutes the “assurance of salvation” doctrine (whereby a person who believes and trusts in Jesus Christ is assured salvation no matter what) and reveals the spiritual dangers that are produced by this teaching.
Brent Hedgpeth read and studied the bible every day for over 30 years, resulting in a clarity of Truth and an acceptance that the Bible is not only essential to our Salvation, but also acts as our Roadmap to Heaven.
He knows we each have a part to play in our Destiny. Our choices determine if we stay on the path to Salvation, or if we depart from it. And Brent’s path is to deliver the Biblical argument that we all have a larger role to play in our individual destiny…while he remains cleverly disguised as a test pilot.
Daily Bible Verses

Learn more about The Hope of Salvation

Owing and reading The Hope of Salvation is not required to understand the relevance of these daily scripture devotions, but it certainly does not hurt. In it, you will learn the Biblical definitions of Salvation, Eternal Life, Faith, Hope, and Election (Chosen), before the presentation and defense of the argument that one cannot know for certain their place in God’s Plan, and strategies and examples on how we can live our lives as we progress on the journey toward Salvation.