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In this daily Bible reading is the account of Joshua leading Israel in the conquest of Ai. Prior this conquest God commanded Joshua to completely kill all the people, just as he did in Jericho. In Jericho only Rahab, who helped Israel, and her family were spared.

It is interesting to note that Rahab is in the line of King David. She eventually married Nashon, the leader of Judah. The Bible says, “Rahab begat Salmon, who begat Boaz, who begat Jesse, the father of King David.”

During Israel’s conquest, God commanded Israel to kill all the inhabitants. This was so that the inhabitants would not become a stumbling block to Israel with the inhabitant’s gods and idols. Killing all of the corrupt inhabitants and destroying their idols would remove temptations that would turn Israel away from God. 

God knew that Israel was prone to turn away from Him. So, God provided guidance that would keep the people faithful to Him.

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