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In this daily Bible reading Joshua meets with the people in his old age. He reminded and encouraged them to follow the Lord fully and to obey God’s Commandments. Joshua also reminded the people that there were more foreigners to remove from the land, e.g., The Philistines. He warned Israel to not intermarry with them or worship their gods. This would lead to Israel’s  downfall and removal from the land. Indeed, that is what eventually happened to Israel. God’s blessings for Israel were contingent on their obedience to God.

This is true today. Our blessings today are contingent on our obedience to God. In order to truly be blessed and gain Salvation, we must live our daily lives according to the Word of God. The Bible says that Jesus Christ is the ‘living Word of God.’  He is the only way to Salvation. Therefore, we must believe this and demonstrate our belief with our lives. 

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