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In these passages is the account of David, King of Judah, confronting the ten northern tribes of Israel.  Saul’s son, Ishboseth was King of the ten northern tribes, which were eventually called Israel.

Joab was commander of Judah’s army, and Abner was commander of Israel’s Army. Judah fought Israel and grew stronger with victories.  Abner desired to unite Israel under David’s rule. However, during one battle, Abner killed one of Joab’s brothers.

After Abner came to David seeking to make a pact of unification, Joab killed Abner in revenge for Joab’s brother. David did not know about it. When David found out, he was grieved and angry at Joab. However, Abner’s funeral served as an event to unify Israel.

David’s grief for Abner was genuine, and Israel was pleased at David’s response. Again, God was orchestrating events that would make David King over a united Israel.

God orchestrates events in the lives of believers today.  I believe that God also orchestrates events in the lives of those who will become believers.

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