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In these passages is the account of King David leaving Jerusalem before Absalom arrived to take control. As David went on his way, Shimei, who was of the family of Saul openly cursed David and threw stones at David. Shimei called David a man of bloodshed, a worthless fellow.

David did not try to stop Shimei from cursing David. David realized that this was part of God’s punishment for David murdering Uriah and taking Uriah’s wife.

God would not take the crown from David, but God was letting David experience rejection and removal from his throne. God’s punishment for David was severe because God’s blessings upon David were great. God’s expectation of David was great.

I believe that those who are used greatly by God for His purposes are held to a higher standard of obedience toward God. We must be mindful of this as we draw closer to God.

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