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In these passages is the account of the Philistines defeating Israel and killing Saul and Saul’s three sons.

David had been living with the Philistines for over a year to protect himself against Saul. He was intending to join the Philistines in battle against Israel. However, as David and his men were marching with the Philistines to battle, the commanders of the Philistines requested that David be sent back. The commanders were afraid that David and his men would turn against the Philistines in battle and fight for Israel.

I believe that God was preventing David from fighting against Israel. Had David fought against Israel, he probably would not have been popular in Israel. It seems that God was orchestrating all events for David so that David would become Israel’s King.

I believe that God orchestrates events in the lives of believers to attain the purpose that God has for them. God prepares them for the role  that He has planned for them. We should therefore be receptive  to God’s leading and guidance so that we will be useful to Him.

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