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In this daily Bible reading is the account God judging the two sons of Eli for sinning in their priestly duties.  Eli did not rebuke them or correct them for their sins. God held Eli accountable for his sons’ behavior, and God determined to kill Eli’s sons.

God expects fathers to correct their children and give them guidance. He expects fathers to educate their children about God, teaching them how to live rightly.  Eli’s sons did not know God.  Most likely they were not taught properly; even though Eli was a priest who served God at the altar in Shiloh.  Eli’s sons were also priests.

This raises another important point. Are there priests in religion who do not know God and abuse their positions of authority? I believe there are many priests who are in this category.  They are like the ‘blind leading the blind,’ promoting superstition rather than Truth.

This further underlines the need to be firmly anchored in the Truth, The Word of God. Many people are led astray because of bad religious guidance.  Many people are in bondage to religion because of their superstitious nature. 

That is why Jesus said, ‘The Truth will set you free.’  Indeed, the Truth will set you free from bondage to sin.  The Truth will also set you free from the bondage to religion.

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