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In these passages is the account of Saul pursuing David to put David to death. Through this story we get a glimpse into the spiritual world.

God was speaking to David through prophets and priests. The prophet Gad told David to leave David’s stronghold and go to the land of Judah to avoid Saul. 

However, demonic forces were guiding Saul.  Saul was aware of the covenant between Jonathan and David. Their covenant had been made in private, so Saul had to learn of it through the spiritual world.

I believe these spiritual forces are at work today. I have seen it firsthand, and I know it is a fact. The Bible says that one’s battle is against the spiritual forces, and our only defense is the Spiritual Armor of God.

The Spiritual Armor of God includes the following: 1. The belt of truth. 2. The breastplate of righteousness. 3. The shield of faith 4. Readiness to share the Gospel message. 5. The helmet of salvation. 6. The sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God. With these implements of spiritual armor in place, we will be able to discern and stand against evil.  We will not be deceived.  We will make the right choices.

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