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In this Psalm the writer Asaph continues to bemoan the fate of Israel. God had severely punished Israel and they were in great pain. They were mocked and ridiculed by other nations, and their land was not fertile anymore. Asaph prayed for God to not forsake Israel and to restore His blessings.

Then Asaph said something quite interesting.  He said, “Let Thy hand be upon the man of Thy right hand; upon the Son of Man whom thou didst make strong for Thyself. Then it shall not turn back from Thee.” By these words Asaph prophesied about Jesus. His prophecy indicates that Jesus will be the key to restoring Israel to God’s favor.

There are many more prophecies that support this. The Bible clearly indicates that Jesus will one day return and lead Israel. He will lead them with Truth and Righteousness. With Jesus as King, Israel will never again depart from God. God’s blessings and favor will once again rest on Israel.

We see this beginning to happen today. Jews and Arabs are both beginning to believe in Jesus and put their faith in Him. They are being prepared for Jesus’ return, which I believe will happen soon.