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Psalm 119 is a wonderful Psalm written by King David which speaks of the Word of God and its benefits. In these passages, King David says the following: “Thy Word I have treasured in my heart that I may not sin against Thee.” Probably the best defense against temptation that leads to sin is the Word of God, the Bible. There are many passages in the Bible that we should commit to memory so that we can rapidly and easily recall them. This passage is one of them. Another passage to recall is the following: “Lord, please help me to hold my every thought captive for Jesus Christ.” Through these prayer passages, God will  give us the ability to control our thoughts and resist temptation to sin. 

Another passage to memorize is the following: “Be slow to speak but quick to listen.” Our words can do much damage to others. Therefore, we should weigh our response to others carefully and choose those words which will encourage and be helpful. There are so many more passages that will give us the ability to choose correctly and avoid sinning. 

The Bible is really essential to our walk through life. It will keep us on the right path. Most importantly, the Bible will help us to stay close to Jesus Christ.  Jesus will bless us and get us through the trials that will come our way to test our Faith.