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In this Psalm David says of God, “He loves righteousness and justice.” God is good. He loves all things that are right, good, and true. He hates evil. Therefore, if we want God’s favor in our lives we should live rightly before him.

Additionally, God favors a nation that is just. A just nation is a stable nation. On the other hand, people are destabilized when a nation is not just.

Unfortunately, today America is no longer a just nation. America used to be a just nation where criminals were rightly punished for wrongdoing. However, today, criminals are not punished. They are set free and continue to do harm. The nation is destabilized, and people are at risk.

The Bible says that things will get worse. The government will become more and more corrupt, and society will be destroyed.

However, the Bible also says that Jesus will return to the Earth, and He will restore justice and order. Under Jesus’ leadership, society will be restored and the people will once again be stabilized. Life will be good for those who want justice and righteousness.