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In this Psalm King David speaks of evil men who hated David and fought against him without cause. There were those in David’s kingdom who hated him and sought David’s destruction. They plotted and schemed to do David much damage. Some of these people were those who David had treated well. David said of them, “In return for my love they acted as my accusers. They have repaid me evil for good and hatred for my love.”

King David was a good king who openly relied on God for help and guidance in David’s decision-making. David worshipped God, and David’s subjects knew it. However, there were some who rejected God and followed evil pursuits. One can rightly say they followed Satan. These people hated good, and they hated righteousness. They hated God and anyone who worshipped God.

People with these characteristics still exist in the world. They favor sin over righteousness. They hate those who worship God. They cannot stand things that acknowledge God in this world. For example, they want to remove mention of God in schools. To that end they removed prayer from the schools in 1962.  Today, we are witnessing a dramatic increase in evil in America.  Jesus’ return cannot be far off.