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In this daily Bible reading is the account of Nehemiah assigning people to live in Jerusalem and populate the city.  The people were living on the land of their heritage. This was the land Joshua assigned to their ancestors after Joshua led the conquest of the land which became Israel.

Under Jewish Law, the properties remained the possession of the original owners.  The properties could be sold to others.  However, during the ‘Year of Jubilee’ the properties were returned to the original owners. 

The ‘Year of Jubilee’ occurred every 70 years in Israel. Interestingly, Judah returned from captivity after 70 years.  So, all land would have reverted to the original ownership after the Babylonian  captivity.

Today, we see the Jewish people returning to Israel from around the world.  It is unlikely that they are returning to the specific land of their ancestors. Detailed records of original ownership probably do not exist.

The Bible says that Jesus will return to the Earth and be King of Israel.  Jesus has Godly powers.  Therefore, He will be able to reestablish people on the properties of their ancestors.   I believe this will happen.