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In this daily Bible reading Jesus continues to tell His disciples about ‘end time’ events and His return to the Earth. Jesus said that when He returns, He will come from the sky and descend to the Earth. His return will be accompanied with the sound of a trumpet, and all on Earth will see Him. Jesus will send forth His angels to gather the elect from the Earth, those who are alive and those He will raise from the dead. The non-elect will remain awaiting God’s judgment.

The Bible says that Jesus will then establish His Kingdom here on the Earth, and His throne will be in Jerusalem. His government will be comprised of the elect, those who believe in Jesus. Jesus will be King of the Earth, and He will rule for 1000 years.

I believe that the remaining population will be given an opportunity to believe in Jesus. I believe Jesus will teach them from the Word of God. The Jews will finally come to realize that Jesus truly is the Messiah who their relatives had murdered.

The Bible says that Jews will mourn and weep for their transgression. They will truly repent, and I believe that Jesus will forgive them. There will also be those who do not and will not believe. These, God will judge at the end of the 1000 years. However, God will allow believers to enter Heaven.

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