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In this daily Bible reading Jesus chastises the Pharisees, the religious leaders, for their hypocrisy. Jesus told them that they looked religious on the outside, but they were rotten on the inside. They were full of lawlessness and self-indulgences but demanded the obedience of the people. Jesus said that they would be severely judged.

The Bible says that God will judge us for what is inside us, where our hearts have directed us. If our hearts are inclined to obey God, then we will be allowed into Heaven. If our hearts are turned away from God, we will go to Hell. It sounds simple. However, it is not simple. It is not easy.

Our heart’s inclination will be evidenced by the lives we lead. Our heart’s inclination will be evidenced by how we view God’s Word, the Bible. If we do not have a hunger for God’s Word, the Bible, then I don’t believe our hearts are truly directed toward God.  If our hearts were directed toward God, we would want to know God’s Truths. We would want to know what He desires of us.

We cannot know God’s Truths apart from the Bible. The Bible is the only source of the Truth. Religion will not provide God’s Truths. Therefore, we must find them ourselves in the Bible.

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