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In these passages is the account of Jesus healing a paralytic.  The paralytic was lowered  on a stretcher  through a roof  because a crowd prevented entry through the door. 

The Bible says that ‘the power of the  Lord was present for Jesus to perform healing.’  To me this indicates that Jesus’ power to heal came from God the Father, and it was not present at all times.  The Bible also says that Jesus saw the paralytic’s Faith in Jesus and told the paralytic, “Your sins are forgiven you.”  Jesus’ words indicated a definite  linkage between physical affliction and sin.  The religious people in the crowd were not  pleased.  They considered Jesus’ words to be blasphemy because only God can forgive sins. 

The paralytic was healed and walked from the room carrying his stretcher and glorifying God.  By this miracle, Jesus demonstrated that God had granted Jesus authority to forgive sins on Earth.  Jesus can and will forgive our sins if we repent and demonstrate real  Faith in Him.

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