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In these passages is the account of Jesus healing and teaching in the city of Capernaum on the Sea of Galilee. Jesus  was also casting demons out of those who were possessed.  It is interesting that the demons knew  who  Jesus was.  It is also interesting that Jesus would not allow the demons to speak about Him and identify Him as the Son of God and the Christ.  The demons knew that Jesus was the Messiah who was prophesied in the  Bible. 

This fact leads me to two very important insights:  First, the demons’ knowledge of Jesus being the Christ or Messiah did not qualify them for Heaven.  They were destined to an eternity in Hell.  Therefore it is erroneous to think that simply believing who Jesus is is sufficient to gain entry into Heaven.  Genuine or saving belief is evidenced by the lives we lead.

My second insight is this:  Jesus didn’t want His identity to be revealed by Satanic forces.  Jesus wanted His identity to be revealed by people believing in His teaching  or believing in the Word of God.  Satanic forces would distort peoples’ belief and most likely lead people away from the Truth.

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