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In these passages is  the account of Jesus  growing in wisdom as a child.  The Bible says that “The child (Jesus) continued to grow and become strong, increasing in wisdom and the grace of God was upon Him.”  Also in these passages is  the account of Jesus  and His family traveling to Jerusalem to celebrate the Feast  of  the Passover when Jesus was 12  years old. 

When the Feast was over, the family left Jerusalem to travel back to Nazareth.  Unbeknownst to His parents, Jesus  remained behind to learn from the teachers in the Temple.  Evidently, Jesus was not born with instant knowledge of God’s Truths.  He had to learn them as He grew. 

Jesus was the Son of God.  He was also fully human and had to grow physically and mentally as we humans do. The Bible says that Jesus did not begin His ministry until He was 30 years old.  It took that long for Jesus to gain the wisdom, understanding and knowledge necessary to undergo His ministry as a human. 

Understanding God’s Truths is not done in one sitting.  It is something that takes a lifetime; and in a lifetime  we normal humans will not gain complete understanding as Jesus did.


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