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In these passages is the account of the ‘Last Supper,’ the Passover meal that Jesus shared with His 12 disciples before He was crucified. Jesus’ comments during this supper give us a glimpse into the spiritual realm and the Kingdom of God.

Jesus said He would not eat or drink again until He would eat and drink in the Kingdom of God. This leads me to believe that we will be able to eat and drink in our resurrected bodies. Jesus did eat with his disciples after He rose from the dead.

Jesus also said that Satan had demanded permission to ‘sift Peter like wheat.’ By this I conclude that Satan has a degree of standing in the spiritual world. This was also demonstrated in the book of Job when God allowed Satan to torment Job.

I believe that God uses Satan as an instrument to test believers. The Bible says that Satan will provide powerful deceptions during the end times. Our only defense against these deceptions is knowing the Truth.  Knowing the Truth can only be achieved by reading the Bible.

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