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In this daily Bible reading Jesus is preaching to the people in the Temple.  The religious leaders were opposing Him, seeking to find ways to destroy Him.

Jesus told a parable of a man who planted a vineyard and rented it to vine growers. Later, the man sent a slave to get some of the harvest. However, the vine growers beat the slave. The man sent more slaves, but they were beaten and sent away empty-handed. Finally, the man sent his son. The vine growers killed his son.

The slaves in the parable represented Prophets who God sent to Israel to turn Israel back to God. Israel rejected God’s Prophets and even killed some. Israel did not want to hear God’s Truths.

The son represented Jesus, who the religious leaders of Israel murdered. They did not recognize Jesus to be the Son of God. They did not realize that Jesus is the ‘cornerstone.’ They did not realize that Jesus is the Truth and the only way to Salvation. They even believed that God approved killing Jesus. What an irony.

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