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In these passages, Jesus tells the disciples the story of the rich man and the poor man, Lazarus. The rich man ‘gaily lived in splendor every day.’ Lazarus had poor health, was poor and begged for food from the rich man.

When they both died, the rich man went to Hades where he was tormented by fire. The poor man went to ‘the bosom of Abraham’ where he was comforted. The rich man pleaded with Abraham for relief to no avail.

The rich man then pleaded to have Lazarus go to the rich man’s brothers to warn them about Hades and motivate them to repent. However, Abraham told him that if the brothers rejected God’s Word, Lazarus would not be able to influence them.

I believe that motivation to believe in God comes directly from God. God knows our hearts.  He knows our every thoughts and motivations.  God knows who will be receptive to Him and who will not. 

I believe that those who are receptive to God will be given motivation to believe in Him.  When good things happen in their lives, they will recognize that God provided those good things. 

I believe that when people realize that God is real and provides everything in our lives, their belief and Faith in God will grow stronger as their lives progress.  They will then be on that journey which leads to Heaven.

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