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In this daily Bible reading Jesus tells the people that before John the Baptist came, the Law and the Prophets were proclaimed. However, since John the Gospel or good news of the Kingdom of God has been preached.

While Jesus was alive, He told the people about the Kingdom of God, revealing that it is an actual place where the righteous people will spend eternity. He also told the people about Hell, where the wicked people will spend eternity.

After Jesus died, the Gospel message focused on Jesus’ death and resurrection. The Gospel message is that Jesus’ shed blood atoned for our sins. Our sins are forgiven if we truly believe in Jesus. Belief in Jesus is evidenced by our lives and is the only way to gain entry into Heaven.

We must believe in Jesus to be saved from Hell. However, for our belief to have any meaning we must accurately characterize Jesus. The only way to do that is to read the Bible. The Bible is the only book that describes Jesus.  The Bible also provides guidance on how to validate our belief by the lives we live.  I believe the Bible is essential for our salvation.

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