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In this daily Bible reading is the account of Jesus’ first public miracle which was performed at a wedding in Cana. Jesus turned water into wine, very fine wine. Seeing this miracle, “His disciples believed in Him.”

The disciples initially believed in Jesus because of the signs and miracles that He performed. These miracles gave Jesus credibility with His disciples so that they then believed His words. They believed His teaching. Because of their belief in Jesus, God enabled them to perceive His Truths while others could not perceive them.

So, it is with us today. When we believe in Jesus, God enables us to perceive His Truths. I have personally found that one cannot understand the Bible unless one first believes that it is true.

Once I believed the Bible to be true, my understanding and interest in the Bible quickly followed. The Bible has become my ‘daily bread,’ my spiritual food. It sustains me and it guides me.

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