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The book of John begins with powerful words: “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” This passage clearly tells us that Jesus Christ is the living Word of God. The Bible says that the pathway to Heaven is exclusively through Jesus Christ, through our belief in Him. We manifest or prove that belief by reading and obeying the Bible.

The Bible, I believe, is essential to our salvation. We cannot rightly believe in Jesus unless we rightly characterize Him. The only way to rightly characterize Jesus is to learn who He is by reading the Bible. Only then can we know Him.

The Bible defines Eternal Life as ‘Knowing Jesus.’  (John 17:3)  Unless we ‘know Jesus’ we will not have Eternal Life.  Accordingly, if we don’t know Jesus when we die, we will likely not have Eternal Life after we die. 

Therefore, we must get to know Jesus by reading the Bible.  The Bible  must become a regular part of our lives, if we want to have any hope of going to Heaven.

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