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In this daily Bible reading Isaiah prophesies about the Millennial Kingdom of Jesus Christ. A time is coming, and I believe very soon, when Jesus Christ will return to the Earth and rule for 1000 years. It will be a time of peace and joy, and Jesus will teach the people.

All will look to Jesus as their Lord.  Jesus will be a wealth of wisdom and knowledge. By His supernatural powers and God’s Holy Spirit, Jesus will guide people as to how to live. The Bible says, “And your ears will hear the word behind you, this is the way, walk in it, whenever you turn to the right or to the left.”

The Millennial Kingdom will occur after a period the Bible calls the Great Tribulation.  During this time,  God will judge the world for its sin.  Millions will be killed. 

Only a few people will be left on the Earth after God’s great judgment. These people will be receptive to the Word of God. They will follow Jesus’ guidance and instruction.

The Bible also says that Satan will be bound for 1000 years so that he will not be able to deceive the people. Jesus’ teaching will be unhindered. People will know God more than ever in the history of mankind.

Jesus’ Millennial Kingdom will be a time of great joy where life and death still occur.  People still marry and have children. They will still have freedom to choose to do right or wrong.  I believe that the majority will choose to do right, unlike the world in which we live today.