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In this daily Bible reading Isaiah again prophesies the future return of Israel to the land and to Jerusalem. He also gives a glimpse of life under the rule of Jesus during Jesus’ Millennial Kingdom here on Earth. Life will be much different than today. Wars will cease and all will live in peace.

Here is how the Bible characterizes life during the Millennial Kingdom.  People will still have families and communities to live in. They will live longer than they do today, to over 100 years old. It appears that illness will be rare or nonexistent. People will build houses and live in harmony with others. The Bible also says that predatory animals such as Lions and the Bears will eat vegetation, not other animals. It will be a glorious and wonderful time with Jesus living among His people and teaching them God’s Truths.

When will all of this happen? I believe it will happen very soon, within my lifetime. It will happen after what the Bible calls The Great Tribulation: A three and one-half period of war and destruction just prior to Jesus’ return. The Bible says that we cannot know the precise time for Jesus’ return,  but we can read the signs of the times just before his return. And the signs point to Jesus returning soon, perhaps within the next 10 to 15 years. It is definitely time to get ready and to be spiritually aligned with Jesus.