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In this daily Bible reading is one of the most distinctive and detailed prophecies about Jesus Christ.  Isaiah prophesied Jesus’ future suffering and death for our sins. Jesus was severely tortured and beaten before He was nailed to a Roman cross. The Bible says that ‘His appearance was marred more than any man and His form more than the sons of man.’ The Bible also says ‘He was pierced through for our transgressions.’ Jesus received a severe beating and horribly torturous death for our sins and transgressions. It underscored the seriousness of sin.

We should not take sin lightly. Many consider themselves to be Christian but still hold to some kind of sin of their lives. There are Christian leaders today that say Christians who continue to sin are deemed ‘carnal’ Christians. They will perhaps receive some punishment in their lives, but they will still go to Heaven.  I question this viewpoint.

When one truly thinks about the suffering that Jesus endured to atone for our sins, it should be difficult to take any sin lightly or minimize it.  As Christians, we must continue to resist temptation and avoid sinning. I believe that giving in or giving ourselves over to any sin will disqualify us from getting into Heaven. Therefore, we must continue to struggle against sinning for the rest of our lives, or we may not find the small door that leads to Heaven.