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In this daily Bible reading Isaiah continues to prophesy about the restoration of Israel and its return to the land. Isaiah said that God the Father would send Jesus to lead Israel back to God and to restore them to the land.

The Bible says that God has elected some to be saved and allowed to live with Him. The Bible further says that God knew who these people were before they were even born. Mankind does not know who they are. The Bible says that ‘creation eagerly awaits the revealing of the sons of God.’ We humans must strive to walk rightly before God and hope that we are of His elect. God says through Isaiah, “Those who hopefully wait for me will not be put to shame.” The keyword here is ‘hopefully.’

Many churches today teach that its members can know for certain that they will go to Heaven. This teaching is not Biblical. Some Bible passages appear to support this notion, but this interpretation does not harmonize with the rest of the Bible. The Bible says that we must persevere to the end to be saved. It also says that it is difficult to be saved. The Bible further says that few will find the small door that leads to Heaven. We cannot be assured that we will go to Heaven. No, we must rather persevere in walking rightly before God and hope that we will go to Heaven. A hopeful mindset is necessary to be motivated to persevere in difficult times that will come into our lives.