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In this daily Bible reading Isaiah prophesied the events that have come to pass and events yet to happen. He prophesied the destruction of Babylon, who God used as a tool to punish Israel for turning away from God. Isaiah also prophesied the return of Israel and rebuilding of Jerusalem at the direction of Cyrus, King of Persia. Persia conquered Babylon and was God’s tool to punish Babylon for their arrogance and pride and merciless killing of the Israelites.

Finally, Isaiah prophesied the future return of Israel to the land and their true allegiance and worship of God. God through Isaiah said that Israel’s worship of God in Isaiah’s day was not true worship. He said that they invoked the God of Israel but not in truth or in righteousness. In other words, Israel worshipped God falsely or in vain. That is true of religions today.

I believe many if not most people attend religious services to ‘fill a square’, thinking their attendance will find favor with God. However, their hearts are not aligned with God. The Bible says that God desires people to ‘worship Him in Spirit and in Truth.’ Jesus is The Truth. He is not just ‘a’ truth. Rather, He is The Truth.

The Bible says that when we pray and ask for something it will be granted to us if we ask in Jesus’ Name. What does ‘asking in Jesus’ Name’ mean, I believe it means that we ask for things that are in accordance with the Word of God. The Bible says that Jesus is the living Word of God. When we align ourselves with the Word of God, the Bible, then we will ask for things that are endorsed by the Word of God, Jesus Christ. Then they will be granted to us.