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In this daily Bible reading Isaiah prophesies Babylon’s future destruction of Judah and Jerusalem. Assyria had conquered the ten northern tribes of Israel in 722 BC. Babylon would conquer the southern tribe, Judah, in 587 BC. This was God’s punishment for Israel turning away from God to worship idols and demons.

God did not to totally abandon Israel.   However,  He punished Israel severely for breaking covenant with Him. God said, through Isaiah, “She (Israel) received of the Lord’s hand double for all her sins.”

The Bible says that we will indeed be punished for the sins we commit. The Bible indicates that some will receive greater punishment because of the knowledge that they have been given. To sin in ignorance is less punishable then to sin with knowledge and understanding of God’s Truths. Israel knew God and witnessed His power. Yet they still turned from Him. The Bible says they ‘sowed the wind and reaped the whirlwind.’ 

God says that He will restore Israel, and they will once again worship Him. God will again bless them and restore them to the land. We see this happening today. Many Jews are immigrating to Israel from all over the world. Soon, Jesus will return to be their King.