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In this daily Bible reading Isaiah prophesies the coming “Day of the Lord.” There is a time yet in the future when the Lord Jesus Christ will return to the earth and establish His Kingdom. Jesus will be King over all the earth for 1000 years.  His throne will be in Jerusalem.

The Bible says that Jesus’ return will be preceded by a time of ‘great tribulation.’ There will be much death and destruction in the world.  Plagues, wars, and starvation will kill millions of people. It will be a horribly unimaginable time.  However, there will be some who survive until Jesus returns.

The Bible is quite clear that there is a Heaven and there is a Hell.  We will spend eternity in one of those two places. The Bible is also quite clear that the only way to enter Heaven is to believe in Jesus Christ. This means that we must turn away from sin and walk according to the Word of God.

I believe the time of ‘great tribulation’ is very near. There is not much time left to prepare for eternity. Therefore, we must believe in Jesus Christ now, before it is too late.