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In this daily Bible reading is the account of Ezra, who was a descendent of Aaron, returning from Babylon to Jerusalem. Ezra was a scribe skilled in the law of Moses. Evidently, the King of Persia knew Ezra. The King approved Ezra’s return with a fairly large group of Jewish people.

God had orchestrated the King’s support.  God had also selected Ezra to lead the group in restoring the Temple worship in Jerusalem. Ezra was well prepared for his assignment.  The Bible says,  “Ezra had set  his heart to study the law of the Lord and to practice it, and to teach God’s statutes and ordinances in Israel.”

 I believe God selected Ezra for the task because he was well qualified and prepared to do so.  Similarly, God selected the Apostle Paul to spread the Gospel to the Gentiles.  Paul, like Ezra, was well prepared to do so. Paul had spent many years studying scripture, just as Ezra had spent many years studying scripture.

It seems that God grows His servants for His purposes. That takes time. Abraham was 70 years old when God selected him. Moses was 80 years old when God selected him. I believe that God orchestrated their training. I also believe that God gave them motivation to follow His selected path for them.