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In this daily Bible reading an angel of God appears to Ezekiel with a measuring rod in his hand. The angel took Ezekiel in a vision to Jerusalem where the angel showed Ezekiel a very large temple. The angel measured the temple in detail, instructing Ezekiel to write down the measurements and descriptions of the temple. The temple that Ezekiel saw has not yet been built. 

There have been two temples in Jerusalem. They have been destroyed. Neither of these temples matched the description of the temple showed to Ezekiel. So, I believe that this temple has yet to be built. I believe it will be built before Jesus returns. 

The future temple will have provisions for animal sacrifices that were commanded by the law of Moses. So, the puzzling question is this: why will there be animal sacrifices? The Bible says that Jesus’ atoning death and shed blood replaced the need for animal sacrifices. Jesus’ shed blood atoned for all sins of mankind, past, present and future. Further sacrifices are not necessary.

I believe that the Jews in Israel don’t yet believe in Jesus. They still practice their Jewish religion as instructed by Moses. They believe the promised Messiah has yet to appear. This future temple will facilitate their continued worship of God according to their law. But when Jesus returns, He will be their King and they will come to believe that Jesus is the promised Messiah. I believe their eyes will finally be opened to the Truth. When that happens, I believe the animal sacrifices will cease. Jesus will then rule from this magnificent temple.