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In this daily Bible reading God tells Ezekiel that God is going to motivate a massive army to attack Israel. This attack will happen in the end times, after God has gathered his people back to Israel from all the nations where they were driven. This massive army will be destroyed. God will destroy them by raining down fire and brimstone from Heaven. Israel will see this and realize that God exists and has massive power. Israel will then truly fear and respect God as they should have done all along. Then, Jesus will live among them and be their King. 

After these events, God says, “I will not hide My face from them any longer, for I shall have poured out My Spirit on the house of Israel.” The Bible says that when we believe in Jesus Christ, we are given the Holy Spirit who will dwell within us. After this final battle, Israel will truly believe in God. They will also believe in Jesus and be given God’s Holy Spirit. 

Jesus’ atoning death and shed blood will then cover the sins of Israel, justifying them before God. They will then be sanctified by Jesus who will lead and teach them. Peace will abound, and the people will enjoy the full benefits of God’s blessings. Israel will become as God intended for them to become.