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In these passages, God tells Ezekiel that the people of Jerusalem were to be punished for their sins against God. God also said to Ezekiel that even if Noah, Daniel, and Job were in their midst these men’s righteous behavior could only save themselves and not the sinful people. 

We are accountable for our own sins. We will be punished for our sins and not the sins of other people, even family members. However, the Bible also says that the sins of the father will be visited on his descendants to the fourth generation. So, while the descendants of a sinful person may be affected by that person’s sins, they will only be punished for their own sins. 

Sin is a really bad thing, and it affects those around us in mostly negative ways. We don’t live in isolation and can be affected mentally, physically, and spiritually. A father who raises his children in a bad religion will have a negative effect on his children and their children as they try to perpetuate the bad religion in which they were raised. 

It is very difficult to break free from one’s childhood brainwashing. Even though later they may be exposed to the truth, they will likely reject it. So, a father who poorly influences his children can cause them to make choices that will lead them to Hell. 

The Bible says that only belief in Jesus will set people free from bondage to their sins. Only Jesus, who is ‘the Living Word of God,’ can open peoples’ eyes to the Truths found in the Bible.