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In this daily Bible reading Ezekiel prophesies about God’s coming judgment of Egypt. Egypt was a powerful nation for many centuries. It was a sophisticated nation with powerful leaders called Pharaohs. Situated along the Nile River, Egypt had abundant agricultural products and was a major food exporter. Egypt was rich, prosperous, and powerful. On many occasions, Israel had turned to Egypt for help. In fact, Israel had grown from a population of 75 to over a million people while living in Egypt. 

Israel’s small population had moved there because of Jacob’s son, Joseph.  Joseph had become a powerful official there. However, after 300 years or so the Pharaoh enslaved Israel and oppressed them. Then God led Israel out of Egypt to settle Israel in the land that God had promised Abraham. 

Israel’s 40-year journey from Egypt to their new home is called the Exodus. Egypt was useful to God in growing Israel’s population. However.  Egypt worshiped many demons.  This influenced many in Israel to also worship Egypt’s demons.

As Ezekiel prophesied, God was going to judge Egypt and reduce them from being a major world power. Babylon would conquer Egypt, dispersing Egypt’s population. Ezekiel’s prophecy also said that after 40 years, the Egyptians would be allowed to return to the land. However, Egypt would no longer be powerful. Egypt would become a second-rate nation. These things have happened.