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In this daily Bible reading God through Ezekiel speaks in detail about the beauty, glory, and prosperity of the city of Tyre. From his description, it seems that Tyre was the world’s trade center. It was strategically located on the Mediterranean Sea and traded with all of the world’s civilized nations. It was a beautiful city. 

God then spoke of the king of Tyre. As God described this king it became apparent that this king was a spiritual king, one of God’s most beautiful creations. From God’s description, I believe this king was Satan.  The Bible describes Satan as God’s most perfectly created angel who was favored by God. However, for some reason and at some point Satan turned against God and attempted to rise above God. 

Satan led a rebellion in which one-third of all of God’s angels followed Satan. God was more powerful than Satan and cast Satan and his followers from Heaven down to the Earth. The Earth became Satan’s to rule spiritually. In these passages, it appears that Tyre was Satan’s headquarters for a time. Satan, using his powers, caused Tyre to prosper and become the world’s leading trade center. God destroyed Tyre. The Bible says that Satan changed his earthly dwelling place to Pergamum in Turkey. This is mentioned in the book of Revelation.

It is helpful to always be aware of Satan’s influence on the world’s affairs. Satan and his demonic angels greatly influence the world’s views and opinions in spiritual matters. They are constantly trying to turn people away from God. Awareness is necessary to defend against this force and Satan’s deceptions.