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In this daily Bible reading God speaks to Ezekiel comparing Israel to an adulterous woman who was unfaithful to her husband. God’s relationship with Israel was much like a marriage. God created Israel and chose Israel to be with Him forever. He made a covenant with Israel that required Israel’s faithfulness toward God. In return, God would love, protect and bless Israel, much like a husband loves, protects, and blesses his wife. However, Israel was unfaithful to God. In fact, Israel committed adultery. Israel went after other lovers in the form of the Assyrians in the Babylonians. Israel chose to worship idols rather than God. So, God punished Israel for Israel’s adultery.

The relationship between Jesus Christ and the Church has also been characterized as a marriage where Jesus is the bridegroom and the Church is His bride. This relationship also requires fidelity. Jesus protects, preserves, guides, and loves His Church. The Church loves Jesus in return and is loyal to Him. 

The church is comprised of many individual members. These members must demonstrate loyalty and fidelity to preserve this relationship. The Bible says that Jesus will separate Himself from those who turn away from their loyalty and fidelity to Him. The Bible also says that one must be ‘connected’ to Jesus when they die. Entrance into Heaven requires this connection.   That is certainly worth considering.