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In these passages, Ezekiel tells of God speaking to him about the false prophets of Israel. There were false prophets among the exiles who were telling people that God would not punish Israel. They were telling the people about visions they had seen from God, visions that were not really from God. They were convinced these visions were genuine.

 I don’t doubt they were seeing visions and getting messages from the spiritual world, but their visions weren’t from God. Rather, they were from Satan and/or his demons. Satan’s goal is to turn people away from God. God has given Satan spiritual authority over this earth, and Satan has many tools of deception. Most  people are not aware of this. The Bible clearly tells of Satan, his intentions, and his methods. To have any hope or defense against Satan one must first be aware of him and his influence. Then, one must be armed spiritually to survive. 

The Bible clearly defines the spiritual armor that we must wear. The Bible provides two of those implements. It is the ‘belt of Truth.’ It is also the ‘sword of the Spirit.’ The Bible provides a defensive implement. It also provides an offense of weapon so that we can stand against evil and discern right from wrong. We will also be able to discern between truth and lies and reveal the lies. Without the Bible we do not stand a chance against Satan and his deceptions.