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In this daily Bible reading is the account of the events that God orchestrated to protect the Jews in Persia from being destroyed through the edict of king Ahasuarus. The King’s senior official Haman tricked the King to issue the edict.  

Mordecai,  Esther’s cousin, covered himself with ‘sack cloth and ashes’ when he learned  of the edict. This was reported to Queen Esther. Esther sent one of her servants to Mordecai to learn why he was in mourning, and Mordecai reported back to Esther of the edict.

Mordecai  told Esther that even she was not safe because she was a Jew. He  implored Esther to speak to the King and plead with the King on behalf of the people. Esther said that any person who approached the King without the king’s invitation would be killed, unless the King extended his scepter to them. She knew she had to take the chance even at the risk of being executed according to the Persian law.

Esther instructed the Jewish population to pray for her, and she approach the King. The King granted her favor. A series of events then unfolded that resulted in Haman being hung in the gallows on which he had prepared to hang Mordecai.

This account illustrates the need for God’s people to demonstrate their Faith, even at the risk of death. Esther demonstrated this Faith when she approached the King at the risk of her life. She had Faith that God would protect her and that the Jews would be saved from Haman’s evil plot. Ester’s attitude is the attitude that we all must have. We must be willing to take risks as we trust in God.