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The book of Esther is a wonderful account and example of how God has protected and still protects the Jewish population from being destroyed by Satan. In this daily Bible reading is the account of the King of Persia, Ahasuarus, making Esther his new Queen after Queen Vashti defied him. Esther was a Jew who was being raised by Mortdecai, her cousin.

After Esther became the Persian Queen, one of King Ahasuarus’ senior officials, Haman, became angry with the Jews who occupied Persia. Haman was angry because Mordecai refused to bow before him. So, Haman tricked the King into issuing and edict to have all of the Jews destroyed in a single day. The King’s edict could not be removed or changed according to the law of the Medes and Persians. The king was unaware that Esther was a Jew, for she did not tell him prior to becoming Queen.

Haman’s plot was eventually foiled as God used Esther to orchestrate events which resulted in Haman’s death and saving the Jews. This account is a good example of Satan’s continued attempt to destroy the Jews and God’s protection of the Jews.

The Jewish population has been persecuted throughout history. Hitler tried to destroy all Jews during World War II. However, God has always protected and preserved them as a people. God is now restoring them as a nation. One day in the not too distant future, Jesus will return to be their King. God’s plan for the Jews will indeed be fulfilled.