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In this daily Bible reading Isaiah continues to prophesy  Jerusalem’s future destruction. He cites specific reasons for God’s coming judgment: “They have lapsed into a society of evil and decadence.  They call evil good and good evil. They are wise in their own eyes. They justify the wicked with a bribe and take away the rights of the ones who are in the right. They have rejected the law of God.”

Sound familiar? This is exactly what is happening in America today. Our legal system has turned away from a system of justice and has become one where the guilty are released for procedural reasons.

The O.J. Simpson murder trial provided a good example of our legal system turning away from justice. I believe O.J. Simpson was clearly guilty of murdering his wife and her friend, but he was set free. A civil suit later found him guilty, but justice was not served. Rich people are able to hire expensive lawyers to set them free, though they are guilty of serious crimes.

Another example of calling evil good is abortion. Thousands of perfectly healthy unborn babies are murdered in America daily. America sees no wrong in this. In allowing abortion, America is calling evil good.

Just as God destroyed Judah and Jerusalem for their wrongdoing, He will also destroy America. America’s only hope is to repent of its sins and turn back to God.