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In these passages is the account of king Solomon completing the Temple construction and implements for worshiping God, as instructed by God through King David. Solomon then had the Levites bring the Ark into the temple and place it in the “Holy of Holy’s.” As the Ark was brought into the Temple, the singers and musicians were praising God, and a great cloud fill the Temple. God was in the cloud. Solomon then turned to the people and quoted scripture that said God had chosen Jerusalem to be his place of habitation on Earth, and that God had chosen David to be over his people Israel.

The Bible says that God is steadfast and does what He says He will do. However, things may not happen in our timeframe. After Solomon died, Israel became less dedicated to God. In fact, Israel turned away from God to worship demons. God eventually removed Israel from the land and allowed the Temple and Jerusalem to be destroyed. It appeared to mankind that God abandoned Israel.

However, the Bible says that Israel will be restored, and God’s Kingdom on Earth will be established. Its headquarters will be Jerusalem. We see this prophecy unfolding before our very eyes today. Israel has been restored as a country, and events are occurring that are prophesied in the Bible. God will again reside in Jerusalem, and Jesus will return to be King. As God promised, Jesus, who is in the line of David, will rule Israel.