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In this daily Bible reading is the account of King Josiah restoring the Passover celebration in Jerusalem during his 18th year as King of Judah. Shortly after this, Josiah went to make war on Pharoah Neco.  Pharoah Neco  was traveling through Israel to attack Carchamesh on the Euphrates River. Pharoah Neco sent a message to Josiah saying not to engage him. God had given Pharaoh Neco his mission on the Euphrates.  Josiah engaged Neco anyway and was killed.

Also in these passages is the account of King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon overthrowing Judah. He destroyed Jerusalem and the Temple and exiled Judah to Babylon.  70 years later King Cyrus of Persia allowed Judah to returned to their land. Cyrus said that God commanded him to do so.

It is interesting to see that God spoke to the leaders of nations that did not worship God. Rather they worshipped demons. God evidently uses any person who will fulfill His purpose.

Indeed, God is in control of all things on Earth and in Heaven. God orchestrates His purposes through people or through Angels that will do His bidding. God directed Babylon’s overthrow of Judah. He also directed Judah’s restoration.

The Bible says that God will restore Israel to the land, and Jesus will one day be King of Israel. We see events happening now that are supporting God’s promise to restore Israel.