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In this daily Bible reading is the account of Jehoshaphat, who became King of Judah after his father, King Asa. He was a good king dedicated to God. He taught the people God’s Law using the Levites going from city to city. God richly blessed Jehoshaphat.

The King of Israel, Ahab, asked Jehoshaphat to help Ahab go to war against the Arameans, and Jehoshaphat agreed. However, Jehoshaphat first wanted to inquire of God through the Prophets. Ahab summoned his prophets who all advised Ahab to attack the Arameans. Ahab’s prophets said Israel would be victorious. They were false prophets, and Jehoshaphat knew it. Jehoshaphat asked if there was yet a prophet of God around. Micaiah, a true Prophet, was summoned. Micaiah prophesied the defeat of Israel and the death of King Ahab.

In his prophecy Micaiah told of the host of heavens assembled around God’s throne. God asked the angels, “Who will entice Ahab, king of Israel to go up and fall at Ramoth Gilead?” One of the spirits came forth and said that he would become a deceiving spirit in the mouth of a Ahab’s prophets. God told him to do so.

I find this account fascinating because it gives us a glimpse into the spiritual world. It shows us that God uses a multitude of angels for His purposes to orchestrate His will. I think it’s important for us to have an awareness of the spiritual world.

The Bible says that Satan has many angels who follow him and who are intent on our destruction. Our awareness of this is essential to protecting or defending ourselves against these forces. The Bible says our only protection is the spiritual armor of God. We must read the Bible to know these implements of spiritual armor.