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In these passages is the account of Rehoboam, son of Solomon turning away from the Law of God and being judged by God. Rehoboam initially followed God’s laws, but he turned away after three years of his reign.

God judged Judah by sending Shishak, the King of Egypt, against Judah. Shishak defeated Judah’s cities. However, when he marched on Jerusalem, Rehoboam and Judah’s leadership humbled themselves and expressed sorrow for turning from God. So, God relented and protected Jerusalem.

Rehoboam died at 58 years of age after reigning for 17 years. His son, Abijah became king. Abijah was more dedicated to God than was his father, Rehoboam.

There was war between Israel and Judah under Abijah, and 400,000 of Judah’s warriors faced 800,000 of Israel’s warriors. Abijah relied on God for help, and God helped Judah defeat Israel. 500,000 of Israel’s warriors were killed. It was a massive slaughter.

This account clearly indicates that God will favor and help those who obey Him and are dedicated to Him. God will punish those who turn away from Him in defiance of His Laws. It is a simple formula, but so very true.

God created everything: the Universe, Earth and all that is in it. And He created us. God established rules by which we should live. We should not expect that we can alter those rules and survive.

God’s instructions for us are clear. Therefore, we are without excuse when we depart from them. God is just. It will be our choices that lead to Heaven or Hell.