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In these passages is the account of God orchestrating the death of King Ahab at the hand of the Aramaeans. Ahab was intending to recapture Ramoth-Gilead from Aram. However, before going to battle he inquired of his prophets at the request of Jehoshaphat, King of Judah.

Jehoshaphat had agreed to fight with Ahab against Aram, but Jehoshaphat wanted to first inquire of God. The prophets of Israel were false prophets who had been deceived by a spirit. God had sent this spirit to accomplish God’s purpose.  These prophets said that Ahab would be victorious, but he was not. Ahab was killed during the battle.

It is intriguing to me how God accomplishes His purposes. God is so powerful that he could have directly killed Ahab. However, God orchestrated the events that led to Ahab’s death. This seems to be God’s method in accomplishing His purposes.

I have experienced God orchestrating events that have led me to where I am today. Through these events God has won my heart. I believe in Jesus Christ because of these events. Praise God!