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In this daily Bible reading are genealogies of significant people in the Bible. The most significant lineage is the lineage that leads to Jesus Christ.  In this lineage is a brief account of Peleg who was Noah’s great, great, great grandson.

The Bible says that ‘in the days of Peleg the Earth was divided.’ The Bible therefore tells of the continents drifting apart. Science supports this. At one time the continents were all massed together in what geologists refer to as Gondwanaland. Geologists say that millions of years ago the land separated into the continents we see today. I don’t believe it was millions of years ago. I believe it was less than 4000 years ago.

The land mass separation makes sense for the following reasons. When God created mankind they all spoke the same language. Man’s population grew, and at one point God imparted various languages among them. This caused the population to divide according to their languages, and they moved to separate locations on the single landmass.

After the people became established in their new locations, God then separated the land mass into separate continents establishing physical barriers between the populations. Then, different races grew out of the separated gene pools. To me this is a more reasonable explanation of today’s diverse populations around the world, rather than the evolutionary explanation expounded by some scientists.